What is the cbt partnership?

The Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Partnership is the leading centre for psychological therapies in the Coromandel Peninsula.

We help people overcome emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety, personality problems, addictions and family & relationship difficulties. Our goal is to help you become 'your own best therapist.'

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is the psychological treatment of choice for many mental health problems…
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our team

We have a highly skilled team of qualified therapists, each specialising in particular areas. Lynn van Bilsen, specialises in anxiety problems (including obsessive compulsive problems...
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who can benefit from cbt therapy?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is the treatment of choice for many mental health problems. Our clients are people like you! They are trying to make the best of their life, but discover that circumstances and/or personality issues form roadblocks to becoming their best self…
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face-to-face therapy

Face-to-face therapy takes place in a supportive, calm environment in our comfortable therapy rooms. You will be able to talk openly with the therapist about your concerns, without interruption. We offer therapy for individuals, families, and couples…
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free audio download


'Sitting Meditation', read by Lynne van Bilsen
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